There are various the significant reasons why people love having Hydrogel Screen Protector for their device. The membrane is flexible and can be adjusted correctly according to the device with no air bubbles, unlike other commercial screen protectors. This is why most of our customers prefer it as it is customizable and looks like there is no other screen protector glass. Hydrogel Screen Protector gives your phone a premium bare-like feel giving optimum feeling to touch feedback. 


To apply a hydrogel screen protector, you will first need to thoroughly clean the screen with a microfiber cloth or cotton swab.

Place the protector over the screen insuring the perfect fit all around edges and use a squeezy or credit card (or similar) to remove any bubbles and create an even film across the surface of the phone's display.

You can get a detailed explanation of the application of the hydrogel screen protector from the video mentioned below.


Hydrogel Screen Protector Installation Video

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