Fit For Oppo Reno 5 Ultra Premium 3D Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Fit For Oppo Reno 5 Ultra Premium 3D Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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Almost all of the screens of the phones nowadays come with Gorilla Glass Protection. Still, Screen and Display Replacement is one of the most recurring damage repair centres have to deal with. Even though strong materials are used for the glass panel of the screen, it is not enough to prevent real-life accidents that the phone may have to face. Also, the screen though being the most pricier of repairs is also one of the most delicate parts of the phone. Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the best option to prevent hardware malfunction to the Screen.

Tempered glass is made to be physically as well as thermally stronger than conventional glass which makes it a perfect protective layer pressed against already hardened Gorilla Glass. So if you slip the phone off the fingers on a hard surface, the tempered glass breaks into small circular pieces absorbing the increased surface stress resulting in the protection of the phone's screen. To get the best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Oppo Reno5 in Australia visit Repair Mart and get one for your phone.

The Tempered Glass Screen Protector Features:

It is easy to install. It can swiftly be installed within a few minutes and is firm which makes it easy to handle for a bubble-free installation. The 9H Hardness that comes with the Tempered glass can be 3 to 7 times stronger than regular glass which makes it suitable during any fall on a hard surface.

It comes with Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Scratch technology which keeps the screen free from minor scratches for a longer period. The glass is also Anti-Shatter which breaks under only high pressure without letting it transfer and shatter the inside of the glass securing the screen during some accidental knocks or bumps. It comes with a Glossy finish which adds to the protection of the screen.

What’s included?

The tempered glass package for your Oppo Reno5 comes along with:

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 
  • Alcohol Swab 
  • Anti-Static / Dust Removal Tape


  • Oppo Reno5

Features of Tempered Glass Screen Protector For your Oppo Reno5

It has tons of useful features. The only negative point is that the fingerprint sensitivity gets slightly reduced upon its installation. Following are the major features of Tempered glass for your Oppo Reno5.

  • Oleophobic coating.
  • Anti-scratch, Anti-Shatter, and Anti-Fingerprint.
  • Full coverage and Case Friendly.

It’s always better to prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent. Installing a tempered glass screen protector on your Oppo Reno5 is going to avoid probable losses. As we all know how delicate the screen of newer smartphones is. Even a slight drop or slip-off from our hands can lead to full-screen damage which is one of the most recurring and expensive repairs. The application of a tempered glass screen protector can save you from that.

Don’t go after cheap products available in the market as these are the ones that give you false hope that your device is fully protected but it’s not the case. So, be careful while selecting the products as well. But, where to get a reliable product in this huge market full of scammers and frauds? Simply choose us with no extra thoughts. You can get the best quality tempered glass screen protector for your Oppo Reno5 at a highly reasonable price at Repair Mart.

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Get a tempered glass screen protector for your Oppo Reno5 at Repair Mart. Hurry up and give your phone an extra layer of protection with a quality Repair Mart product.


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