Tips to take care of your Phone

Tips to take care of your Phone

When we buy a new phone, we usually tend to care about it for the first few weeks or months and then we don’t seem to value it much until it goes through any accidental damage. The phone is a necessary means of communication in our day-to-day life. Most of us cannot even imagine a day without a phone. We use our phones for various purposes like texting a friend, calling someone, responding to emails, taking pictures, writing digital notes and many more. With technological advancement, any information or knowledge we want to learn and explore is in our palm. Since our phone plays an essential role in our day-to-day life, taking care of our phone is a necessity and an optimistic approach. 

Battery Health

Battery life is something that most people think about, but most of them don’t realize the importance of battery health and its significance in long term usability. Good battery health indicates that our phone can execute tasks smoothly and efficiently. Like we eat food for energy, our phone’s battery needs to have a good battery status to function correctly. 

Some of the tips to follow to maintain good battery health are mentioned below:

  • Maintain a 30-80% ratio of battery status for prolonged battery health. 
  • Do not use your device until it’s dead. 
  • Do not use your phone for a prolonged period while charging. 
  • Monitor battery health periodically (Settings>Battery>Battery Health).
Update OS and Apps

Whether android or iOS, the operating system should be updated periodically. Keeping the operating system up to date is the right way to enhance the performance of a phone. The bugs and errors are checked and fixed on every iterated update cycle. This should take a few minutes and is quite simple to do. Don't let your phone get behind on updates because that's when troubles will evolve. 

We use so several mobile applications in our day-to-day life. Our life has been easier in many ways with the help of mobile applications. We use the app every day, but we seldom update it. Even though we have automatic updates set on, sometimes it won’t get updated due to some bugs or errors. Updated apps are less likely to crash and portray any potential glitch during operation. So, we must make sure that almost every app on our phone is updated.

Clear junk and unwanted files

New data is created, reviewed, explored, and saved on our devices every day. After a prolonged period, these data become unwanted but are still stored on our phones, and the large pile-up of data builds up, resulting in poor performance in the long run. Important data should be appropriately stored, and unwanted files or data should be reviewed weekly or monthly. 

Protective Case 

Generally, most phones are made up of plastic, metals, glass and other materials. Since most phones are fragile, They should be protected to avoid breakages. The scratch guard also protects the body of your phone from nicks, scratches, and breakage. After spending much money on the latest smartphone, you probably don't want to drop it or suffer accidental damage and pay a hefty repair bill. You should invest in a high-quality phone case or cover to avoid unintentional damage. There are numerous types of smartphone cases and covers on the market, including rugged, tough cases, military-grade cases, clear cases, silicone cases, and so on.

Screen Protector 

The screen is the most sensitive component in a phone. Glass is used to manufacture the screen, which is sensitive, responsive, and delicate by nature. Even a minor slip or fall could damage the screen. It is critical to use screen protectors to avoid any potential harm. Dome glass screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors, Hydrogel screen protectors, UV tempered screen protectors are some types of screen protectors.

Clear cache and cookies on the browser

Clearing the cookies and data used by safari is an intelligent approach to help your iPhone run faster. It's simple to delete your history and website data by navigating to your settings, choosing Safari, and clearing your history and website data. On the other hand, Safari will not promote websites you frequently visit until you bookmark them or return to them later.

Manage unwanted background apps

 We use phones for several purposes, and each purpose has a specific mobile application for it. In most cases, users don’t quit the app after its utility has been fulfilled, which results in applications running in the background. Multiple applications running in the background lead to slow performance and poor user experience. 

While you're doing something else, many apps on your iPhone will reload in the background. This can drain your battery quickly and isn't always necessary. The 'background app refresh feature will search for updates even if you aren't using the app. You may want to do this with some programs, such as your email. You can enable or disable the feature for each of your apps.

Use the right compatible accessories. 

In most cases, people usually neglect the idea of using the right compatible accessories for low quality cheaper alternatives. There are many high quality, reasonably priced accessories available in the market. The low-quality accessories tend to deteriorate the phone's hardware components in the long run. 

Keep your phone clean

As we carry phones everywhere, we go throughout the day. It carries dirt, dust, germs and bacteria on the external surface. The phone should be thoroughly cleaned with the lint-free microfiber cloth with a tiny bit of alcohol-based solution or simply some water as an alternative. Don’t directly apply the solution or water on the phone; instead, pour a tiny bit into the damp cloth.

Restart your phone

Some bugs or glitches don’t have an operational solution, but the only solution sometimes is to restart the phone. If you've done everything and your iPhone still isn't performing as it should, you might want to attempt restarting it. This can assist you in resolving a variety of issues that you may not have been able to resolve on your own.