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Thinking about Repairing your Device Yourself?     
Worried about where to source the part?    Worried about what tools are needed to do the repairs ?

Repair Mart caters your every Repair needs!

Presenting you the most efficient and the most economic repair part facility in Australia, Repair Mart provides you with the parts that are required to repair or modify your iPhone, Samsung, Oppo and many other products of different brands out there in the market.

All of these parts are of high quality and are tested by our staff before dispatch. They also come with a standard Repair Mart Warranty.

You can either take those parts to a repair centre and ask them to install it or repair it on your own with necessary kits provided by Repair Mart itself. We also ship these parts all over Australia.

Heading ahead to a repair centre just to replace a battery of most  Samsung phone doesn't require the involvement of a repairer or a technician. It can be done on your own. You can buy a replacement part i.e. the battery and open up the back cover and install it. It's simple as it sounds. The only thing that might be bothersome for you is to find out the quality of the replacement parts.

Why Choose Repair Mart?

  • High-Quality Parts
  • Parts are tested to be 100 per cent working before dispatch
  • Repair Mart Warranty on items sold
  • Reasonable time to dispatch 
  • Active Customer Service to cater to any Queries 
  • Tool Kits options available for DIY Repairs

Repair Mart ensures you the best quality of the replacement parts that we serve you with. Many of the parts that we sell out, have options based on quality such as High Quality, Premium Aftermarket etc. The replacement parts are backed up with standard Repair Mart warranty as well. 

For devices with greater risks to breakage and failures, we recommend you to carry out the repair very sensibly. Information, guides and step-by-step teardown videos are available all over the internet. Following them to the letter is important to get an efficient result.

A lot of the time it's better to buy out just the replacement parts and take it to a professional to carry out the repair. It's still economical than reaching out to a repair shop directly.

For replacement parts pertaining to iPhone and Samsung, we offer a range of options based on the quality. iPhone Repair Kits are well in demand nowadays as the cost of repairs in a local shop can be extremely high making it no-way-affordable. From iPhone Repair Kits to the Repair Kits of a very rare brand, we cater it all at a great price with a provision to select among the range of options.

Repair Mart serves all around the country with a prompt dispatch service. If you're ever in need of screen, LCD digitizer, glass, battery, back cover, charging port etc. or collectively, iPhone Repair Parts, Samsung Repair parts or the repair parts of other brands, then contact us via 03 8595 6048 or visit us at Suite 595, 585 Little Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia and we will cater to your every need.