Hydrogel Screen Protector Installation Guide

This is the ultimate Hydrogel Screen Protector Guide that you will ever need to have perfectly applied to your phone's screen. Of course, you will require the Hydrogel Screen Protector Kit, steady hands and a little patience. However, it is not an easy process and could be considered tedious to get it just right. But with these simple steps, anyone can install a Hydrogel Screen Protector film on their phone without any hassle.

Hydrogel Screen Protector is the perfect screen protector film that you can purchase for your phone. As a hydrogel screen protector film is tailored according to the model of your phone, it fits perfectly on the screen without any obstruction with your phone case. It is a premium product made out of silicon and is malleable and thin yet provides excellent protection to the screen during an accidental drop.

For phones with fingerprint sensors under the screen, the thin film also provides faster fingerprint recognition than the glass screen protectors. So if you are looking for a high-quality screen protector that offers excellent protection to your phone's screen, which is compatible with most phone cases and one that doesn't interfere with the fingerprint recognition function of your phone, then Hydrogel Screen Protector is the one you're looking for.

Items Required:

  • Premium Hydrogel Screen Protector
  • Cleaning Kits
  • A Sturdy Squeeze


  • Please proceed with the installation on a flat surface. You will need to be a little patient to get the Hydrogel Screen Protector film perfectly installed on the screen.
  • It is recommended that the hydrogel installation be performed in a clean and dust-free surrounding.
  • A Hydrogel Screen Protector, a Microfiber Dust Particle Remover, Squeezy and an Alcohol Prep Pad are included in this kit.


Here are the instructions that need to be followed for a perfect installation:


Thoroughly Clean The Phone's Screen:

  1. First, use the alcohol wipe to clean the phone's screen thoroughly.
  2. Remove any impurities (oil/dirt) from your screen using the alcohol wipes.
  3. Remove any excess alcohol and dust particles with the cleaning cloth.
  4. Use the dust absorber to remove any dust particles. It is essential to remove any dust from the phone's screen to get the perfect fit.


Prepare Your Hydrogel Screen Protector:

  1. Use the tabs to establish which side is up, and then poke out the cut-hole on the phone speaker/camera.
  2. Remove the mid-layer of the Hydrogel Protector holding on two edges. Be careful not to touch the screen protector's adhesive side.


Align The Hydrogel Protector:

  1. Carefully align the hydrogel film along with the phone screen or cut-edges. Once it's in place, lock in position by gently swiping on the middle against the screen.
  2. Lift the bottom half and use the supplied squeegee to gradually slide across the edge, exerting even pressure, ensuring that the protector's bottom film is removed as you push.
  3. Repeat this process on the other side of the protector.
  4. Should any bubbles appear, they can be gently pushed out towards the edges with the squeegee. You should push out any leftover bubbles; if any tiny bubbles are left, don't worry, they will disappear in 24 hours.


Settle The Hydrogel Film:

  1. Firmly settle the hydrogel film across the edges of your device by running your fingers following the curvature of your device's screen.
  2. Once done, you can now remove the top layer to enjoy your freshly installed hydrogel protector.


You can check the detailed Hydrogel Screen Protector Installation Guide video below:


Hydrogel Screen Protector Installation Guide from Repair Mart Australia

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