iPhone 14 Pro Max Display Touch Screen Replacement Kit And Repair Tools


iPhone 14 Pro Max Display Touch Screen Replacement Kit And Repair Tools


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Product with Quality.

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- Manufactured from high-grade materials 
- Comes with a polarised lens and all needed brackets
Small parts pre-installed with the screen replacement assembly
- Required Tool kit included
- Fix it in the comfort of your home
12-month assurance on parts

The iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Repair Kit is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to replace their iPhone display. This kit includes the required set of tools designed to remove the old screen and replace it with a new one.

  • Brand new Screen Assembly iPhone 14 Pro Max manufactured from high-grade materials.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen has a polarised lens and all needed brackets for proximity sensors, earpiece speaker frills, and steel plate and mesh.
  • LCD protector back plate parts are pre-installed with the screen replacement assembly.
  • Guaranteed Quality and no need to worry about defective pieces
  • Required Tool kit included.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max screen comes with an oleophobic coating.
  • Fix it in the comfort of your home.
  • 12-month assurance on parts. You can't go wrong with this!

Fix your broken iPhone 14 Pro Max by fixing it yourself with Repair Mart-endorsed quality parts and carefully assembled and selected tool kits. Fix your iPhone 14 Pro Max display quickly and efficiently with this iPhone 14 Pro Max OLED digitizer display replacement kit, complete with the needed kits. Your iPhone 14 Pro Max can regain the same charm and can function smoothly as a new one after replacing the OLED digitizer. The OLED digitizer replacement can fix most display-related related, such as unresponsive touch, spots or dark patches on the screen.

What does it fix?

  • Cracked Screen
  • Damaged LCD Display
  • Scratched Screen

What's Included?

1 X iPhone 14 Pro Max Compatible OLED Screen digitizer assembly

1 X Set Carefully assessed tool kit assembled perfectly for iPhone 14 Pro Max repair

Precision Repair Toolkit includes:

  • 0.8mm Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • 1.5mm Phillips Screwdriver
  • 0.6mm Y000 Tri-Point Screwdriver
  • 2.5mm Flathead Screwdriver
  • ESD-Safe Tweezer
  • Plastic Pry Tool
  • Thin Steel Opening Tool
  • Plastic Guitar Pick Shaped Opening Tool
  • Anti-Static Brush
  • Rotating Screen Holder
  • Suction Cup

Replacement Parts include:

  • Front Screen Glass Digitizer Panel with display
  • LCD Shield Plate
  • Front Camera Bracket Pre-installed
  • Screen and frame adhesive sticker


Our products come with a standard 12-month assurance covering faults in parts products with the physical. Liquid damages will not be accepted under assurance. A faulty device or product must be sent back to our address before the replacement can be sent, and we will issue a refund or account credit once the faulty device or product has been received. We do not offer a change of mind return or replacement.

Please note that the conditions below apply to every purchase made with Repair Mart.

To be eligible for a standard Repair Mart assurance, the customer must have purchased the device or product from Repair Mart webpage

The device or product must not sustain any physical damages, liquid damages, abuse, modification, misuse, or served by any company other than Repair Mart. Evidence of the abovementioned condition will result in an immediate void of warranties.

The assurance processing period ranges from 1-3 business days

The processing period is counted from when the product enters the Repair Mart facility. The delivery or transportation period to get the product into the facility will not be counted

Our Repair Mart team will contact the assurance claimer once we receive the parcel if anything needs clarification or items must match the order list.

Repair Mart will not incur all transportation costs for getting the device or product to our facility for a assurance claim.

The final assurance claim conclusion will be informed to the customer via phone or email as preferred by the customer.

Any product or device purchase period crossing the 12 months will not be taken under assurance.

Any product or device concluded under assurance by the Repair Mart inspection team will be offered store credit/replacement or refund as requested.

Once the Repair Mart assurance program is executed, the product or device will be sent to the screen manufacturer's service centre. The inspection process of the Manufacturer will be needed to determine whether the device/product causes the problem, and the inspection report will be attached. If the problem is the product itself, the Manufacturer will perform the corresponding duties; otherwise, the product will not be guaranteed any assurance services. This process requires at least 20-30 business days.


This part is compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro Max Only. (This product is not compatible with any other iPhone series)

This Screen Repair Kit is compatible with the following iPhone 14 Pro Max models:

  • A2894
  • A2651
  • A2893
  • A2895

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Display Quality Option

We provide a range of quality options to select from. The quality options range from High Quality to Normal Quality to Premium Aftermarket. In addition, the staff carefully tests all of the parts we endorse for this iPhone 14 Pro Max to be 100% working and are backed up by our standard Repair Mart assurance.

We provide the HIGH-QUALITY OLED digitizer display replacement kit for your iPhone 14 Pro Max at a very reasonable price which you can use easily to do it yourself.

Here are some options available at Repair Mart for various grades and qualities of OLED Digitizer floating in the market.

Option 1: High Quality :

The parts sold under this segmentation are High-quality third-party manufactured products that follow the iPhone 14 Pro Max manufacturer specification. The product sold under this segmentation has the following essentials:

  • Brand new high-quality OLED Assembly iPhone 14 Pro Max adhering to Manufacturer's specifications and made from high-grade materials.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a polarized lens and all needed brackets for proximity sensors, earpiece speaker frills, and steel plate and needed mesh.
  • The OLED is a 100% fit for iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • The OLED comes with an oleophobic coating for iPhone 14 Pro Max protection.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max OLED Displays are tested by experienced Repair Mart Staff before dispatch.
  • We offer Standard Repair Mart assurance on iPhone 14 Pro Max OLED Assembly.

    Repair Mart offers screen replacement parts that resemble the Manufacturer's standards. You can choose to repair the device by buying the parts from us. That way, you can save almost half the amount of money of the total repair cost at a repair centre.

    Repair Mart provides you with the best options for repair and encourages you to do the repairs on your own. We provide high-quality parts and a carefully selected tool kit to be used for repair. 

    Please do not get into the hassle of cheap Chinese products; all of the products that come to us are scanned and tested so that when we provide the product, you know that the iPhone 14 Pro Max part can be fully trusted. We sell all over Australia, and all parts come with a standard Repair Mart assurance. The parts are usually shipped the next business day after the repair, so you do not have to worry about lags. The products are reasonably priced with added value in tools and instruction, making your iPhone 14 Pro Max repairs efficient.


    • This part is compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro Max Only. This product is not compatible with any other iPhone series.
    • The True Tone functionality may only be recovered on the new screen if you copy the screen data from replacing the screen to the replacement screen, i.e. from the old to the new screen.
    • The Face ID feature functionality will only work with the original front camera flex assembly you are repairing. This replacement kit does not include the front camera flex assembly. You must transfer the assembly from your old display to retain the Face ID feature. Please be careful with transferring the front camera flex to the new screen, as the goal here is to ensure that the front camera flex is transferred un-damaged.
    • There need to be instructions included with the kit.


    Disclaimer: Users should be mindful that notifications about non-genuine components could emerge in the device settings as provided by the manufacturer. It's crucial to understand that these notifications do not affect the product's functionality or usage in any manner. 

    Technical Installation Support is not part of this deal, we supply these kits as it is without technical installation support. If you are unable to install it yourself please seek professional help locally.

    Copyright Disclaimer:  Fit For iPhone 14 Pro Max Display Touch Screen Replacement Kit And Repair Tools is a third-party product designed to be compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max devices. We do not claim any copyright ownership or intend to infringe on the copyright of Apple or any other related entities. Apple is a registered trademark and the copyright of its respective entity. Our product is not endorsed or sponsored by Apple, and any references to Apple are for compatibility purposes only. We acknowledge the rights of the respective copyright holders and strive to operate within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations.

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    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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