Evaan Biodegradable Eco-friendly Mobile Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus



Evaan Biodegradable Eco-friendly Mobile Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus



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-Made with sustainable

-Soft materials to absorb shock.


-Protecting both your Phone and the Planet alone

The best way to protect your phone is an Evaan biodegradable mobile phone protective case. These beautiful cases are sturdy and smooth to the touch and elegantly designed that be easy to install and waterproof. The case is 100% compostable. Each case is made from flax shave and a plant-based biopolymer which can be composted easily. They are certified compostable to US and EU standards. Protect your phone and be environmentally friendly with an Evaan mobile phone protective case. 

Features of Evaan Phone Cases

  • Made with sustainable plant-based or recycled materials.
  • Soft materials to absorb shock.
  • Durable enough to keep it out of landfills for longer.
  • Papery-like feel to provide smooth but optimal grip.
  • Is biodegradable (note: always dispose of your biodegradable case in a proper composting environment. Don’t send it to the landfills)
  • Toxic-free.
  • Protecting both your Phone and the Planet alone.

What's Included

1 X Evaan Biodegradable Mobile Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

How it Feels

To the touch, it's a sturdy, rugged surface but flexible with a slight papery grip with no added bulk. It's an important thing to consider how a case feels in your hands, as being able to withstand daily stress or rough use.


As a biodegradable phone case, it must also protect your phone; otherwise, what is the point? We've put the Evaan Case through rigorous testing that goes far beyond the ordinary phone drop out of a pocket and scratches from daily use, so you can rest certain that it'll keep your phone safe while still being environmentally sustainable.

Evaan Cases are designed to protect your phone from drops and scratches much like any other traditional plastic case. To ensure a flawless fit for your phone, precision laser cuts are made around the camera, speakers, charger, volume, and power buttons. Wrap-around edges are carefully engineered to protect the front and back of your phone from accidental knocks and drops.


The Evaan Case is built of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw components, which are both environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Our base material complies with basic composting standards in an industrial composting facility and has a lower carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions than standard plastic. Made of biodegradable materials, this case will break down in natural environments, leaving no trace of plastic behind.

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