Full Coverage Ultra HD Premium Hydrogel Screen Protector Fit For Nokia 3.1


Hydrogel Pack

Single Pack Double Pack


Full Coverage Ultra HD Premium Hydrogel Screen Protector Fit For Nokia 3.1


Hydrogel Pack

Single Pack Double Pack


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-Shock Absorption
-Scratch Protection
-Ultra HD Clear & Slim
-Precision Fit
-Enhanced Touch Sensitivity
-Fingerprint Sensor Compatibility
-Easy Cleaning
-Military-Grade Toughness
-Self-Healing Technology
-Full Coverage

There are various significant reasons people love having Premium High-Grade Korean Technonoly Hydrogel Screen Protectors for their devices.

A Premium hydrogel screen protector is a High-Grade Polymer Membrane material made from Korean Technology. Hydrogels are soft, flexible, elastic and rigid. Compared with other film materials, the hydrogel screen protector is more durable, water-resistant, comfortable, and laser-cut according to the device. It also has better app adsorption than other materials and can be installed easily without air bubbles.

This is why most of our customers prefer it as it is customisable and looks like there is no screen protector glass installed. In addition, Hydrogel Screen Protector gives your phone a premium bare-like feel giving optimum feeling to touch feedback.

Hydrogel Screen Protector for Nokia 3.1 Features:

  • Hydrogel material absorbs shock and impacts for maximum durability.
  • It protects mobile phone screens from scratches and other damages caused by daily use.
  • The hydrogel screen protector is sturdy, ultra-HD clear and ultra-thin. In addition, you get a protective shield that's scratch-resistant, UV protective and bubble-free.
  • The hydrogel screen protector is laser-cut to fit your phone's exact dimensions.
  • Hydrogel will make your phone's touchscreen protector much more sensitive to touch. As a result, it will enhance your gaming and typing experience!
  • Fully Compatible with an On-screen fingerprint sensor.
  • It wipes away smudges, dirt, and fingerprints without any hassle.
  • Scratch-proof, ultra-tough, optically explicit, military-grade, yellow-resistant material.
  • Self-healing technology helps to eliminate minor scratches on the film in 24 hours.
  • It provides full coverage on the curved corners and edges of your device.

What’s included in the Package:

Single Pack
  • 1 X Nokia 3.1 Hydrogel Screen Protector
  • 1 X Cleaning Kit
  • 1 X Squeezy
Double Pack
  • 2 X Nokia 3.1 Hydrogel Screen Protector
  • 2 X Cleaning Kit
  • 1 X Squeezy


  • Premium High-Grade Korean Technology Hydrogel Membrane
  • Standard Chinese Hydrogel Membrane

 Premium Korean quality is highly recommended since it is made of a high-grade membrane and provides the best protection and touch responsiveness.
Basic protection is provided by Standard quality.


TA-1049, TA-1057, TA-1063, TA-1070, TA-1074

What is a Hydrogel Screen Protector Or Hydrogel Film Screen Protector?

A hydrogel screen protector is a polymer membrane made from high-tech materials. Hydrogels are soft, flexible, elastic and rigid. Compared with other film materials, the hydrogel screen protector is more durable, water-resistant and comfortable. It also has better app adsorption than other materials. If you are tired of the traditional glass film, the hydrogel screen protector is your best choice!

Is Hydrogel Screen Protector Good?

Hydrogels are a new type of liquid-based screen protector. A polymer, similar to the material in contact lenses, makes up the Hydrogel screen protector. They have a natural ability to flow and adapt in shape and size. This property makes them able to be applied without any bubbles or wrinkles. Hydrogels can also resist scratches, oils, smudges and fingerprints better than other types of screen protectors.

Hydrogel screen protectors are perfect for people who have trouble applying traditional plastic screen protectors because they go on quickly, smoothly, and bubble-free, unlike other screen protectors.

How does a Hydrogel Screen Protector work?

Hydrogel screen protectors work by absorbing your phone's impact energy in a liquid form. So, even if you drop your phone on a hard surface, the screen protector will absorb the shock and protect the screen from damage.

The hydrogel material has a high elasticity and can recover after being stretched or compressed. It is also one of the best moisture-proofing materials available in the market.

How to Apply Hydrogel Screen Protector?

To apply a hydrogel screen protector, you will need to thoroughly clean the screen with a microfiber cloth or cotton swab.

  • Place the protector over the screen and use a squeezy or credit card (or similar) to remove any bubbles and create an even film across the surface of the phone's display. 

How to Remove Hydrogel Screen Protector?

Carefully remove the layer of Hydrogel Screen Protector in one motion, starting at one corner and pulling slowly towards yourself until you reach the other corner of your phone's screen.

How to Clean Hydrogel Screen Protector?

The proper way to clean a hydrogel screen protector is with a small amount of water and a damp cloth. Avoid pouring water directly. Use a damp cloth instead.

When you clean the hydrogel screen protector, make sure not to use any liquid cleaner. Soap, detergent, and other cleaners can damage the protection.


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