Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover - Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus



Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover - Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus



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-Fashionable & Functional
-Media Stand Feature
-Secure Magnetic Clasp
-Durable Synthetic Leather
-Shock Absorption with TPU Interior
-Closed-Cover Phone Conversations
-Precision Cutouts for Accessibility

TPU is a softer, more durable, and more elastic material. The flexible TPU inner shell is not easily broken and efficiently reduces the harm caused by an accidental phone drop. It is also simple to install and dismantle. Furthermore, the robust magnetic clasp securely seals the case and keeps your valuables from falling out if it is dropped. The wallet case has three card slots and a cash section, so you can go out without carrying cumbersome purses. You may watch the screen horizontally with a flip casing with a folding mechanism. You may also flexibly adjust the angle to get the best view. It is ideal for video conversations and movie viewing.

The Features Of The Leather Flip Wallet case cover

  • A fashionable wallet case with numerous credit card slots and a bill/receipt pocket eliminates the need for a separate wallet.
  • The case's elegant yet valuable design allows you to use it as a media stand.
  • The magnetic clasp secures the case while allowing for easy release. (The magnet does not affect the device's reception signal or any of its functionality.)
  • Premium Soft Synthetic Leather is durable and provides a customized aesthetic and drop protection. In addition, the interior case is composed of premium TPU for optimal shock absorption and added security.
  • You can talk on the phone with the cover closed because of the earpiece cutout. It is precision cut-out and properly moulded to keep your device secure while allowing you to access the camera and keypad.

What's Included:

  • 1 x Leather Flip Wallet case cover

Compatibility Models

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906B
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906B/DS
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906U
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906U1 
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906W
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906N
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S9060
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus SM-S906E


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