Oppo Find X3 Pro Compatible Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Oppo Find X3 Pro Compatible Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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Oppo Find X3 Pro Compatible Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector, designed for Oppo Find X3 Pro. Discover cutting-edge technology and premium features at Repair Martin Australia.

Features Of Oppo Compatible Find X3 Pro Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

  • Premium Edge-to-Edge Protection: Liquid Dispersion Technology ensures a seamless, edge-to-edge shield.

  • Crack Coverage: Dispersion covers existing cracks, forming an impermeable barrier for enhanced durability.

  • Eye-Friendly Viewing: Blue-Light Filter reduces eye strain, offering a comfortable viewing experience.
  • 360-degree Fortification: Comprehensive protection against drops and scratches with 9H hardness and full coverage.
  • Sensitivity Redefined: High sensitivity for effortless device navigation.
  • Easy Installation: Quick, bubble-free installation with the included UV Light, Liquid UV Glue, and Screen Cleaning Kit.

Why Choose Oppo Find X3 Pro Compatible Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

The Oppo Find X3 Pro Compatible Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers enhanced protection and durability for your device's screen.

  • Advanced UV Liquid Tempered Glass: Crafted with advanced UV liquid technology, this screen protector provides a seamless fit and superior protection for the screen of your Oppo Find X3 Pro.
  • Enhanced Protection: The tempered glass construction offers reliable protection against scratches, cracks, and other damage, keeping your Oppo Find X3 Pro's screen safe and secure.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality materials, this screen protector ensures clarity and responsiveness, maintaining the original touchscreen experience of your Oppo Find X3 Pro.
  • Easy Installation: With its UV liquid application process, this screen protector can be installed effortlessly, providing hassle-free protection for your device's screen.
  • Precise Fit: Tailored specifically for the Oppo Find X3 Pro, this screen protector ensures a precise fit, covering the entire screen and protecting it from edge to edge.

What's in the Package?

  • 1 X 3D Liquid UV Glue Tempered Glass Screen Protector Fit for Oppo Find X3 Pro

  • 1 X UV Light (micro-USB cable for power required)
  • 1 X Liquid UV Glue
  • 1 X Screen Cleaning Kit Note: Micro-USB cable not included


  • Clean the screen thoroughly, covering the speaker to prevent issues.
  • Apply the liquid UV glue in the centre of the screen.
  • Place the glass on the surface, allowing the glue to spread.
  • Use the UV light for even exposure, and your Oppo Find X3 Pro is now protected.

Don't Compromise on Quality: Opt for our Liquid UV Glue Tempered Glass, ensuring unparalleled protection for your Oppo Find X3 Pro. Order now for prompt delivery, with products dispatched the next business day after payment. Please be aware that some products may be supplied without retail packaging, contributing to reduced environmental impact and dispatch costs.


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